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Lakeland is loaded with artistic talent and we're excited to add a new Instagram-worthy spot to LKLD! The Lakeland Magic mural is inspired by community pride and serves as a destination for both locals and those visiting our city. The design incorporates an artistic interpretation of water movement that represents the numerous lakes included within city limits and yes, a hint of basketball. 

The mural tips-off as an introduction to the Lakeland Magic's A Night of the Arts theme night. On March 14, 2020, artist of all different sorts (visual, culinary, performing, featured, live, etc.) will showcase their talents during a pre-game Art Festival prior to Lakeland Magic tip-off. All game entertainment will surround the dedicated theme and incorporate local artists throughout. 

Lakeland Magic players will also be wearing a dedicated theme jersey selected via a Jersey Design Contest. The contest is open to the public for submissions through July 22, 2019 and open to fans for voting starting on August 1, 2019. Player worn jerseys will be auctioned off with all proceeds benefitting the winner's Polk County charity of choice. The LKLD mural will be unveiled at a dedicated event on September 13 (time pending) at the RP Funding Center. Mark your calendars and capture your LKLD selfie.  Follow along at @lakelandmagic and #LKLDMagicMural.


Gillian Fazio

Gillian was selected to bring this mural to life! Gillian is a Florida native from Lakeland. Growing up attending art schools, she discovered her interest in painting very young, but it wasn’t until college did she learn to hone her talent into the realistic and unique style of painting she works with today. Gillian received her Bachelors’ Degree in Fine Art from the University of Florida in the spring of 2017. Today she is a working studio artist and muralist, as well as a painting instructor.



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started painting?

I began painting at a super young age, my family has always been very supportive of the arts and my talents. Growing up, I went to Rochelle School of the Arts, where I majored in art. I quickly realized art was more than just a pastime and it became something I was really interested in pursuing as a career. After graduating from Lakeland Senior High School, I went to the University of Florida and got my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting, and I have been doing large scale and public paintings ever since!

How does this particular project compare to the other murals you’ve completed in the past?

This project I am working on differs slightly in that, normally I design and execute the mural from start to finish. However for this one, I had the awesome design from the Lakeland Magic already approved to work off of, so I feel like I fast-forwarded through a few steps! This is also my very first mural that is representing an established corporate brand, so the color selection has been key, making sure each shade matches up with the Lakeland Magic branding.

What is the process you go through when completing a project like this?

After meeting with the clients and establishing a work schedule, I generally get to work very quickly because I’m always eager to paint on a fresh wall! Depending on how structured -versus free-flowing the design is, I will use a projector to get exact ratios for elements in the mural to ensure quality and consistency with the mock-up. Then I will begin the fun part which is plugging in each aspect of the mural until it is rendered complete, crisp, vibrant, and bold!

What does it mean to work with the Lakeland Magic on this project?

I am thrilled to have been chosen to be the artist that carries this mural into fruition. I love the fact that the Lakeland Magic is a local, yet widely recognized team that calls Lakeland home. As a young female muralist, I have a lot of hunger and drive to prove myself in this field of work. It means the world to be selected as the local artist they wanted to execute this piece that will be a staple selfie spot for every home game!

What is your favorite thing about being from and living in Lakeland?

Lakeland has a great balance of small-town feel with pockets of urban growth. I love seeing the growing variety and changes taking place in Lakeland across the board, more people, more restaurants, more communities to be involved with, and more arts! I look forward to being a part of the generation that brings public art and murals into the spotlight for Lakeland.

What do you think the mural will bring to the city and community of Lakeland?

My hope is that the mural becomes a central part of the Lakeland Magic home games at the RP Funding Center. I also hope that the mural extends excitement and pride in the general public to come out, take selfies at the wall, and support the Lakeland Magic, the arts, and the Lakeland community. I think a mural is always a great way to connect people, places and things.

What are you looking forward to most once the mural is completed?

I am definitely looking forward to seeing people’s photos posted of it. That’s always a super rewarding aspect for public art when the community members embrace and celebrate the work.

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